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Menopause and Working Out....How it Change My Body

"Stephanie truly knows every component of muscle. I came to Steph after a fractured pelvis, hernia surgery, a bulging disk, torn ligaments in my foot, and during peak menopause. I needed help and it had to be someone who understood my limitations and fears. Together we were able to come up with a plan that worked for me. Through listening to my body, and communicating any pain during workouts, Steph pushed me beyond limits that I thought were posssible with the needed modifications.  Stephanie knows tons of exercises, stretches and pushed me safely so I could attain my goals. I have worked out with trainers in the past, but Stephanie gave me what I needed, and it worked. I lost 12 pounds and tons of inches, The pounds weren't as important as the way my sizes went down. My waist came back. My thighs turned to lean muscle. Stephanie has a lot of knowledge and suggestions which helped me learn what worked for me. I would still be working out with her if she didn't move out of the area. I would definitely recommend Stephanie as a trainer-especially if you are a woman going through menopause. I am willing to speak to anyone by phone if you want more feedback.

SK, Holmdel NJ

Stephanie 16 weeks with Twins
(41 years old)
Stephanie Pregnant at 36 weeks (41 years old)
1 year after having Twins
 After having twins