I have been in the fitness/health industry for over 20 years.  I have over 10 different professional certifications and continue to update yearly. I was the founder/owner of a Personal Training & Women's gym in Union, New Jersey for about 7 years "Perfectly Fit for Women.  I had sold my fitness facility in July 2009 because of  becoming a mother of twin girls.  My passion for fitness has never stopped.  I enjoy helping others achieve their fitness and health goals.  What better way of doing this then you coming to my Private Personal Training Studio in Westfield, New Jersey or I can come to you for In-Home training.

We have so many roles to carry in life. We have to make ourselves a priority.  We often forget to take care of our physical and mental health . Finding time to workout is challenging but is a necessity that has to become part of our daily routine .

Everbody wants to look great and feel great.  This is exactly what you will achieve with me at Personal Touch Fitness for Women and Men.

With my 20 years of professional experience I have many personal training certifications in various aspects of personal training:

Weight Loss Training             Kids Fitness
Pregnancy Training                Muscle/Strength Training
Toning/Sculpting                    Endurance Training
Senior Fitness                        Stress Management
Nutritional Guidance              TRX Training
Depression                             Functional Training
I personally have been on many sides of the fence,Colon Cancer Survivor, Mother of Twins, Business Owner, etc. but I always made time to exercise no matter how little or how much was accomplished. I made sure I made time for myself.....Let me help you with motivation and having a Happier Healthier You".

Personal Touch Fitness for Women & Men

Stephanie 2014 after having twins
Stephanie 2014 after having twins